Process and Technology

To maintain the fresh properties of the avocado and olive, it is fundamental to strictly follow their natural processes.


The harvest of the olive is between the months of April and June. It is the change in color of the olive that indicates that it is time to process them; when half of the fruit is "painted" the maximum level of polyphenols and the best quality of oil is achieved. Because of this, it is necessary to constantly measure the oiliness and humidity of the fruit to obtain at the precise time of the harvest all the natural attributes of the olive.

Once picked, the olives are transported in slotted crates free of any impurities to the mill. At the plant the fruit is weighed and all residues are cleaned off before entering the processing machines.

During the milling, the olives are subjected to an energetic treatment to tear the pulp and seeds, thus producing a paste that is then whisked in a centrifugal force process to achieve the definitive separation of the three components of the fruit: skin, vegetable water and oil.

The oil obtained is then passed through a final vertical centrifuge that eliminates any leftover water.

Once the olives are removed from the tree, we only have 24 hours to process them and thus achieve an extra virgin olive oil, whose qualities are to maintain a high degree of polyphenols and low level of acidity, normally >0.2%.


The harvest of the avocado begins at the end of the month of July and continues until December.
For the extraction of the avocado oil, a rigorous quality control process is required. This is why our highly qualified people inspect each and every avocado and select only the best. These are then placed inside an automatic peeler and pit remover. The resulting pulp then passes through beaters that extract the oil.

To obtain all the properties of the fruit the use of a hammer mill is necessary where an avocado paste is formed. The function of this equipment is to breakdown the tissues forming a purée thus favoring the coalescence of the drops of oil present in the paste. To achieve an efficient extraction of the oil, the paste must be placed in a thermo beater. With this process we obtain the purest avocado oil.


To protect the quality and purity of our products, the obtained oils, which are born from the extraction in cold, are stored in stainless steel tanks with controlled temperatures. This avoids the potential damage of light and eliminates the presence of metals that can catalyze oxidation.
Because of the importance that the environment presents for our company, the wastes produced during the elaboration process are returned to the earth which assures the fertility of the soils.