Our Company

Unlike wines, olive and avocado oils don't improve with time. What's more, their delicious perfection can only be found when they are processed in cold from fruits that have been harvested the same day of processing. Our objective is to produce and present the best, freshest and most amazing oil.

We conserve all of the flavor, often described as intense, herbaceous and fruity, through rigorous production and a modern bottling process, specially designed to maintain all of the beneficial properties of the olives and avocados.

Discover with us a never before dreamed pleasure; you will be surprised with the flavor of our oils.

Our People

Our team is formed by sixty highly qualified people who are all dedicated to their work.
Our company is divided in four structures which allow it to be highly efficient and effective in each and every stage of production.


In the northern area of the Fifth Region of Chile we can find the Petorca province which extends from the Andes Mountain Range to the coast of the Pacific Ocean. The Andean Range is relatively high which transforms it into a natural barrier against plague and disease, while also being a great source of retention of snow which feeds the rivers of the area. Due to the diverse nature of our cultivation and the different needs that these require, Agroindustrial Huaquén is located in three of this province's valleys: La Ligua, Petorca and Huaquén.

The name of La Ligua means "place of the seer", but it is also derived from the Mapuche vocabulary "Lihuen" which means "the shining or the dawn". This valley is located in the area of the coastal mountain range, on a plain watered by the La Ligua stream and surrounded by mountains. Thanks to the weather characteristics and the quality of the soil, an important agricultural activity oriented mainly to the production of fruit, where the production of chirimoya, papaya, walnut, avocado and lúcuma is stressed, has developed.

The Petorca Valley is a rugged area cut by the Petorca River. At the beginning of the valley a deep throat is visible evidencing the action of glaciers as its birth. With a mediterranean climate it has an average annual rainfall of 248 mm, where the concentration of rainfall can be found between the months of May and August.

Finally, the Huaquén Valley is a small gulley where an ancient ranch estate can be found, giving our company it's name.

The entire province is a great tourist attraction, not only because of the beauty of its valleys and closeness to the coast, but also because of the great variety of craftworks where the most characteristic are hand woven products as well as homemade sweets.