About San Pietro

At San Pietro we are real farm people but, above all else, a highly professional and specialized team of people.

We were born in the valleys of the Petorca province and our name, San Pietro, originates from the Apostle Saint Peter, patron of the sea, name that evokes protection, leadership and confidence more than anything else.

Aroma, flavor and more..

Since 2002 we proposed to grow within an environment that was safe for the cultivation of our fruits, with a Mediterranean climate, free from freezes and a fertile soil ... the best.

Optimum weather conditions plus a team dedicated to excellence have allowed us to earn important international recognition that guarantee our production.
The complete absence of the Olive fly and organic agriculture permits our land, dedicated to the cultivation of different products, to create a friendly environment for humans and a healthy environment for our trees. This has allowed us to grow products of excellence, acknowledged worldwide.
Welcome to San Pietro Foods ... We invite you to discover the taste of nature ...